Voiceover as a profession was a very late discovery. I always liked reading out loud, and I was in acting groups from elementary school all the way to university.   

Voiceover is the perfect addition to translating, which  makes this combination my DREAM JOB. I lend my voice to explainer and image films, tutorials, jingles, TV features, children's stories, or company presentations.


As a voice actor I can act without a stage and that's great fun!

In German and English. Find out what I sound like in the riders "Hear" and "Watch" above.


My voice sounds warm, friendly, clear, authentic, upbeat, motherly, caring, informative, straight, between 29 and 45.   



Seit Anfang 2013 Ausbildung zur Sprecherin bei Andreas Birnbaum, Hamburg.

November 2013 - Synchron-Kurs an der Hamburger Synchron GmbH, geleitet von Peter Minges

2010-2012 - Gesangsunterricht bei Susanne Reinhold 



Stage experience (vocals, theatre, cello)  



On request.