I'm also a translator (English-German, occasionally German-English) based in Hamburg, with a focus on TV, travel, culture, marketing and PR, and digital media. My clients range from TV stations, film productions and publishers to internet companies, PR and marketing agencies, design bureaus, and translation agencies including:


Spiegel TV Wissen, WDR, ARTE, National Geographic, BBC World News, The Service Station Amsterdam (Subtitling & Voiceover), Tethras App Translation Services Dublin, Microsoft Dublin, Huss PR München, Mairdumont, Penrose Film Berlin, Reverse Angle Hamburg, Edel Publishing, Beluga Linguistics Madrid, MOO.com London, Swatch, Esprit, Lengyel Design, Plan Deutschland, Sinnbüro, Futurest GmbH, and many more.

I've translated voiceover texts for several hundred BBC and National Geographic Channel documentaries for Spiegel TV Wissen and Geschichte; I have been part of translation teams for several Baedeker (English edition) and Lonely Planet (German edition) travel guides; I translate film scripts, manuscripts or brochures for film PR and festivals, general press texts and marketing guides, e-learning, computer games, apps, and social networking sites or business websites (Tethras, moo.com).

For translation requests, please contact me anytime!