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A thousand emotions

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Together we stand


It’s an exceptional situation we find ourselves in, and it’s probably going to stay that way for a while. Within less than two weeks, the way we live and work has been turned upside down. Pupils and students are resorting to e-learning platforms, employees are working from home. As we know, necessity is the mother of invention – not a day goes by that I don’t hear of new great ideas and projects as to how to brave the crisis at hand. Artists are working together to create quarantine art; ALBA Berlin is offering children’s sports online; opera houses are showing free operas online.
This is unprecedented.

Being a freelancer, working from home is an old hat to me. I set up my home studio as much as twenty years ago. After all, translating only requires a computer and internet connection. I kept improving my home studio for my voice acting, equipping it with a custom-made soundproof speaker’s cabin and state-of-the-art technology. For those who want to know the details:

Mike: Rode NT1
Interface: RME Babyface Pro
Preamp: SPL Channel One
Live sessions are, of course, also possible – via Skype, cut-in SessionLinkPro or the like. The cabin also includes a monitor (for voice-to-picture recordings).

Let’s get through this together

My customers are scattered all over the world. I correspond daily with clients from Germany, Hungary, Ireland, England, the U.S., Estonia and so forth. I exchange views especially with mothers working at agencies and production companies. What are you doing about your kids? Have authorities imposed a curfew where you live? Wherever you look, there is a similar situation; we’re all in the same boat. However, the corona crisis also unites us. There has never been more solidarity at the workplace. Something good comes out of every crisis. Not to mention the sudden reduction of the environmental impact.

I’m here for you

Bottom line: I’m here for you. For me, it’s business as usual. My husband and I are taking turns looking after the kids until Easter is over (and who knows how much longer). If need be, I use the late evening hours to get some work done.

With my home studio, I am at your disposal for all jobs in German as well as English, advertisements, corporate films, e-learning, announcements and more. Feel free to contact me anytime if you need voluntary vocal support. Several production companies and agencies have already offered their services via social media, I’d be glad to join in!

Studios that are used to recording speakers locally are also welcome to book me via SessionLinkPro. I also make house calls on demand – with my own headphones.

In this sense, hang in there and, most importantly, stay healthy.


Margit Sander

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